A training report on "Recent Advances in Forestry Research & Tree Improvement" held during 20-24 January, 2020 at IFGTB, Coimbatore
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Biofertilizers Techniques

Advanced Techniques in Mycorrhizal Fungi

Integrated pests and diseases Management

Insects collection, preservation, pinning and maintenance of repository for postgraduate students

Collection, processing and preparation and maintenance of herbarium of higher fungi  for postgraduate students

Clonal Technology

Nursery technology

Seed Technology



Technologies developed on modern nursery practices including vegetative propagation have been transferred to the different user groups’ viz., farmers, staff of Forest Departments, Forest Development Corporations, students of Forest Colleges and the trainees of the State Forest Service Colleges and the Indian Forest Service through lecture sessions and through practical training programmes.

Training on various aspects of bamboo ranging from nursery to cultivation practices to value addition of different bamboo species is being imparted by Forestry Land Use and Climate Change Division to different stake holders of the state.

Imparted training on “Instrumentation methods and chemical analysis” in 2009 and 2010 for      M. Sc., B.E., B. Tech students; Research scholars, College and University lecturers, and Scientists from various R&Ds.

Imparted training on phytochemcial analysis using various instrumentation techniques to research scholars of research wings from State forest Department, Tamilnadu.