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Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore

Demo Village

Demo Village

Demo Village concept was initiated by ICFRE during 2007-08 to disseminate various technologies developed by ICFRE and its institutes to the user groups especially farming communities. Demo village intends to demonstrate villages as models of sustainable development based on environmentally responsible in active collaboration with forestry extension. The Demo Village aims to devise ways to build a resilient village community and developing their skills and competencies to deal with resource depletion, changing climate and related environment challenges.


Kandiyur Village in Mettupalayam Taluk in Coimbatore District 2008


AEarlier, IFGTB has adopted Kandiyur Village in Mettupalayam Taluk in Coimbatore District in 2008 to demonstrate the technologies and product developed by the Institute and the council. All the technologies and products developed were deployed at the village to increase the productivity of the land as well as improving the farming income through plantations. Established the model nursery at Kandiyur Demo Village. Entry point activities in the village have been carried out to win the confidence of all. Established successful Agroforestry models and model plantations using improved planting stock and the clones developed by IFGTB in several farm fields. Organized exposure visits to the farmers of Kandiyur Demo Village to IFTGB and TNAU and exposed them to various technologies related to plantation management. Seedlings were distributed to farmers for raising the same on field bunds. Regular training programmes have been organized for various Self Help Groups working in the village.


2019 Identification of New Demo Village Senkuttai


Demo Village as per the need assessment, identified a village Senkuttai as new Demo Village near Aanaikatti, Coimbatore district considering several parameters for Demo village program. The village is situated 30 km from IFGTB and has preponderance of tribal population. Socioeconomic survey has been carried out in the village before implementation of DV activities. As per the local peoples requirement, it is planned to carry out Promotional activities, establishment of small tree nursery, raising demo trails with improved clones/varieties, training programme on bio-fertilizers, nursery management, etc. are planned to the villagers of Senkuttai during the year 2022-2023.