Van Vigyan Kendra (VVK)

The IFGTB, has undertaken breeding programme of fast growing and other commercially important tree species since 1988 and has developed improved quality planting materials of Casuarina, Eucalyptus, Teak, Acacias, etc and technologies in the field of nursery management, plantation forestry and crop protection. Efforts are on to disseminate the research results to various end users including farmers through training and demonstration. Keeping in view of the above, ICFRE through its institute have initiated a scheme for setting up Van Vigyan Kendra’s (VVKs) in association with State Forest Departments. The VVKs have been established to strengthen the Forestry extension particularly the Forestry Research Extension central to the theme of promoting problem solving and participatory and multi stakeholder approaches to enhance the contribution of trees and forests to sustainable land use and food and wood security. The main objectives of VVKs are as follows.

  1. To disseminate the latest technological advancements in forestry sector to the user groups.
  2. To provide access to the technical know how of appropriate technologies developed by ICFRE institutes and the state forest departments.

IFGTB has established VVK`s in the States of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands to reach out all the user groups and provide access to the appropriate technologies developed by the Institute and other government agencies. The VVK on the lines of Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVK) will promote research outputs and help in providing livelihood opportunities to local people.

In Tamil Nadu, the VVK is established in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department at Forest Campus, Coimbatore. The Tree Information Centre at Coimbatore as part of the VVK, Tamil Nadu displayed information on package of practices in tree cultivation of important tree species, plantation technologies, advancement made in Genetics and Tree breeding, biotechnology, Bio fertilizers and biomanures, seed handling techniques, etc. Organized training programmes to farmers and forest officials.

Farmers, Forest front line staff, Forest Extension Officers were trained through VVK on cultivation and management of important tree species used in Tree Cultivation in Private land programme, quality planting stock production and bio-fertilizers and biomanures, clonal technology, etc.

In Kerala, the VVK is established at Kuthiran, Thrissur. Displayed information on package of practices in tree cultivation of important tree species, plantation technologies, and advancement made in Genetics and Tree breeding, biotechnology, Biofertilizers and biomanures, seed handling techniques, Sacred Groves, Biodiversity of Western Ghats particularly at silent valley, etc. maintained the medicinal plants assembled at the centre and the nature trials.

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands the VVK is established at Port Blair. Through this centre, seedlings were distributed to the farmers. Training programmes were organized to field forest officers at South Andaman, Baratang, Middle Andaman, Mayabunder and Diglipur and foresters trainees at Forest Training School, Wimberlygunj on Quality planting stock production, Biofertilizers and biomanures, Climate change and Forestry, Reproductive and floral biology of mangroves.

All the VVK`s are equipped with computers, LCD projectors, camera etc., to conduct various outreach activities and documentation. In each VVK quality planting stocks are distributed to farmers. Information on various species, different Agroforestry models, plantation technologies, biomanures and biofertilizers were also provided to farmers and others through pamphlets, brochures and information booklets for large scale adoption and benefits.