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    Tara Red

   IFGTB Brochure released on 26.07.2018


   Training programmes

   Teak (Tamil)

   Sweet and Red Tamarind

   Students Project & Programmes

   Seed handling Technologies

   Pongamia Pinnata

   Non-Forest timber products (NFTP)

   Melai (Tamil)

   Medicinal plants

   Medicinal plant


   Institute brochure


   IFGTB Hindi


   Genetic Resource of Forestry Species Assembles

   Gass Forest Museum

   Gall problem in Eucalyptus

   FGRMN (English)

   FGRMN (Tamil)

   FGRMN (Malayam)

   Eucalyptus (Tamil)

   FGR in Western ghats

   Eucalyptus (English)

   Environment (Tamil)

   Direct to Consumer

   Development of Agroforestry Systems

   Casuarina (Tamil)

   Casuarina (English)

   Bioremediation Strategies in Mine Spoils

   Ailanthus Excelsa

   Ailanthus Excelsa & Triphysa

   IFGTB Brochure (Hindi)

  Regional yield table and carbon table for plantations of casuarina equisetifolia in farmlands of Tamil Nadu     (English) & (in Tamil)

   New Casuarina clones for high yield (in Tamil)

   New Eucalyptus clones for profitable plantations in dry tracts of Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh (in English) &      (in Tamil)

   Teak Cultivation (in tamil)

   Ailanthus excelsa Roxb. (A multipurpose tree)

   Botanical Garden

   Teak in    Farmforestry





   Makathana Vilaichal 2019