Major Areas

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Major Areas

To implement Forest Genetic Resource Management Network (FGRMN) programme in the country in collaboration with State Forest Departments and Universities.

Prioritize the tree species based on economic, environmental and socital value for FGR programme.

Evaluation of natural populations, plantations, permanent preservation plots etc through morphological and molecular characteristics and documentation.

Study the genetic diversity of natural populations, SPAs and Seed orchards.

Establish in situ and ex situ conservation (field gene bank and seed bank) for important trees species.

Evaluate and document the established genetic resources like CSO, SSO, SPA, Clone bank etc for important species in the country and select of potential seed orchards and SPAs.

Develop validated and characterized forest genetic resources in the form of seed orchards, improved germplasm, clones, hybrids etc for plantation programme to augment productivity.

Develop data base on Forest Genetic Resources of prioritized species in the country.

Conduct Training to IFS officers, Forest officials of SFDs. Scientists and Research staffs of ICFRE Institutes on Forest Genetic Resource Management, Conservation Documentation and Characterization.

Prepare progress report and country report on FGR

Implementation of National Programme on Conservation and Development of FGRs funded by CAMPA-MoEF & CC and act as Nodal Centre and Centre of Excellence for South India