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Director's Office
Dr. C. Kunhikannan Director
0091-422-2431942/ 2484101  
Shri S. Shankaranarayanan PA to Director    
Shri M. Vinayachandran PA to Director    
Shri K. Kirubakaran Driver    
Shri S. Ajay Multi Tasking Staff    
Group Co-ordinator (Research)
Dr. R. Yasodha GCR & Scientist - G
2484102 9487841515
Smt. S. Manjula Personal Secretary    
Ms. Remya T Radhan Multi Tasking Staff    
Head of office
Sh. K. Murali Sankaar, IFS DCF, HO 2484133 9476086112
Smt. N. Usha Section Officer & Accounts Officer    
Accounts Section
Shri S. Sundararajan Assistant    
Smt. A. Jenica vakitha Assistant    
Smt. P. Malarkodi Upper Division Clerk    
Smt. K. Priya Upper Division Clerk    
Shri T. Gopinath Lower Division Clerk    
Shri T.B.Pradeep Lower Division Clerk    
Shri K.B.Venkateshkumar Lower Division Clerk    
Ms. Dilmol Baiju Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri N. Bathmanaban Multi Tasking Staff    
Establishment Section
Shri C. Maruthachalam Upper Division Clerk    
Shri R. Karunarajam Upper Division Clerk    
Shri J. Kavin Lower Division Clerk    
Shri Vikas Kumar Multi Tasking Staff    
General Section
Shri N. Muraliedharan Assistant  
Shri S. Ganesan Upper Division Clerk    
Shri M.S.Arun Kumar Multi Tasking Staff    
Procurement Section
Shri S. Sundararajan Assistant    
Shri G. Moulidharan Lower Division Clerk    
Shri S. Sarath Chandran Lower Division Clerk    
Shri Patnam Vidya Sagar Lower Division Clerk    
Shri D. Nallathambi Technical Assistant    
Shri K. Praveenkumar Multi Tasking Staff    
Stores Section
Shri K. Madhukannan Store Keeper    
Smt. U. Priyadharshana Store Keeper    
Shri R. Sathish Kumar Multi Tasking Staff    
Diary & Despatch Section
Shri A. Nicholas Multi Tasking Staff    
Genetics and Tree Improvement
Dr. A. Nicodemus Scientist - G, 2484194 9442559070
Dr. V. Sivakumar  Scientist - G, Head 2484178 9486266526
Dr. Kannan C.S. Warrier  Scientist - F 2484181 9443889937
Dr. D. Raja Suguna Sekar  Scientist - F 2484109 9443178516
Shri A. Mayavel Scientist - D mayavela 2484162 9443424458
Ms. R. Archana Scientist - B archanar 2484182 8197872124
Shri N. Sivadasan Technical Officer    
Dr. J. Soosairaj Technical Assistant    
Ms. R. Abinaya Technical Assistant    
Shri P. Vipin Senior Technician    
Shri S.S.Abijith Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri M. Manikandan Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri K. Rajasekaran Multi Tasking Staff    
Plant Biotechnology and Cytogenetics
Dr. R. Yasodha  Scientist - G 2484114 9487841515
Dr. Modhumita Dasgupta  Scientist - G, Head 2484115 9894957110
Dr. N.V.Mathish Scientist - F 2484111 9488167842
Dr. Rekha Warrier  Scientist - F 2484167 9442918647
Dr. A. Shanthi Scientist - E 2484119 9486034801
Shri K.S.Venkataramanan Scientist - C venkat 2484126 7708734020
Smt. K. Shanthi Chief Technical Officer    
Dr.A. Balasubramanian Research Officer Gr.II    
Smt. R. Mahalakshmi Technical Officer    
Smt.C.V.Vijayam Technical Officer    
Smt. S. Padmini Technical Officer    
Smt. S. Sudha Technical Officer    
Shri R. Velumani Technical Officer    
Shri S.M.Paulraj Senior Technician    
Smt. A. Shyamala Multi Tasking Staff    
Ms. A.U.Monisha Multi Tasking Staff    
Silviculture and Forest Management
Dr. C. Buvaneswaran Scientist - G, Head 2484198 9442245047
Shri J. Sriram, IFS DCF,Asst.Silva 2484113 9080989049
Dr. A.C.Surya Prabha Scientist - D 2484150 8220368371
Shri M. Shanmugaiah Stenographer Gr.II    
Shri M. Ganesan Technical Officer    
Smt. R. Kalaiselvi Technical Officer    
Shri S. Pragadeesh Technical Assistant    
Shri K.Gopalakrishnan Technician    
Shri N. Vijayanand Technician    
Shri R. Natarajan Multi Tasking Staff    
Smt. V. Abirami Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri R. Ariharasuthan Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri C. Muthumanickam Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri P. Vignesh Multi Tasking Staff    
Forest Genetic Resource Management
Dr. R. Anandalakshmi Scientist - F, Head 2484166 9345569036
Shri M.M.Dominic Savio  Scientist - E 2484222 9442559017
Dr. A. Vijayaraghavan Scientist – F 2484191 9894912714
Dr. D. Thangamani Scientist - D 2484138 9843057570
Smt. S. Lalitha Chief Technical Officer    
Shri K. Gireesan Chief Technical Officer    
Smt. S. Geetha Asstt. Chief Technical Officer    
Shri B. Deeparaj Asstt. Chief Technical Officer    
Smt. M.V.Vineetha Technical Officer    
Shri K. Sureshkumar Technical Officer    
Shri A. Sathish Technician    
Shri C. Kandasamy Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri T. Pradeep Multi Tasking Staff    
Chemistry and Bioprospecting
Dr. N. Senthil Kumar Scientist - F, Head 2484193 9629160703
Smt. R. Sumathi Chief Technical Officer    
Smt. K.S.Rathnam Technical Officer    
Shri M. Jayakumar Technician    
Shri Ajay Pal Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri M. Vishnu Multi Tasking Staff    
Forest Protection
Dr. J.P.Jacob Scientist - G, Head 2484157 9442624432
Dr. A. Karthikeyan Scientist - F 2484164 9443374119
Dr.K.N.Ashrith Scientist - B 2484159 6361427332
Shri Anish V Pachu Chief Technical Officer    
Shri P. Manoharan Senior Technical Officer    
Smt. K. Sushamani Technical Officer    
Ms. Srijita Ganguly Technical Assistant    
Shri C. Rajesh Senior Technician    
Shri L. Mahalingam Technician    
Shri L. Mahalingam Technician    
Smt. A. Sowmiya Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri Mishra Avinash Multi Tasking Staff    
Forest Ecology and Climate Change
Dr. B. Nagarajan Scientist - G, Head 2484103 9443222366
Dr. A. Rajasekaran Scientist - F 2484155 9489402805
Dr. K. Paneerselvam Scientist - D 2484110 9442252107
Shri Muhammad Ali Noushad Scientist - B 2484160 9496847415 8848287590
Dr.S.P.Subramani Chief Technical Officer    
Shri C.K.Jagannath Asstt. Chief Technical Officer    
Smt. P. Malliga Senior Technical Officer    
Smt. N. Sudha Technical Officer    
Shri K. Senthil Technical Officer    
Shri C.Thamotharan Technical Assistant    
Shri C.Thamotharan Technical Assistant    
Shri M.Mahalingam Multi Tasking Staff    
Smt. A.Regis wincy Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri N. Nadesh Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri G. Rajesh, IFS CCF, Head 2484139 9583044400
Dr. S. Saravanan Scientist - F 6382500638
Smt. B. Sunitha Chief Technical Officer    
Shri P. Chandrasekaran Asstt. Chief Technical Officer    
Smt. R.G.Anithaa Technical Officer    
Shri T. Govindaraj Multi Tasking Staff    
Co-ordinator (Facilities)
Dr. A. Rajasekaran Scientist - F, Head 2484155 9489402805
Shri C.M.Nagaraja Murthy Asst. Librarian Gr. I    
Smt. R. Sridevi Asst. Librarian    
Shri L. Manimuthu Chief Technical Officer    
Smt. R.Lakshmidevi Technical Officer    
Shri K.R.Shankar Technical Assistant    
Shri P. Sasikumar Technical Assistant    
Smt. R. Janaki Devi Upper Division Clerk    
Shri V. Mareeswaran Forest Guard    
Shri C. Sukumar Driver    
Shri C. Sukumar Driver    
Shri S. Arjun Driver    
Shri P. Muraliraja Driver    
Shri V.S.Praveen Kumar Driver    
Shri S.Akhilesh Driver    
Shri Y. Devadoss Technician    
Shri T. Dhanapal Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri C. Arumugam Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri S. Selvakumar Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri C.K.Suresh Multi Tasking Staff    
Shri L. Vivek Multi Tasking Staff