Gass Wild Life

The museum houses a rich and exhaustive collection of the diverse wildlife world.

The Avifauna includes stuffed specimens of birds that include 5 varieties of Kingfisher and others like Cormorant, Egret, Buzzard, Hawk eagle, Sand piper, Parakeet, Mynah, Dove, Wood pecker, Stork.

The Aquatic fauna include a display of diverse variety of fishes.

The Reptiles including important species of Snakes, Scorpion, Chameleon.

The terrestrial faunal world has wild animals that includes a magnificent stuffed Bison gifted in 1956 by the then ruler of Mysore, full Skeleton and Foetus of elephant, eggs of various birds including Ostrich and others like Stuffed leopard, Sloth bear. Antlers of various species of deer family are also displayed.

There are 148 stuffed collections of birds and animals in the museum.