Forest Entomology Lab

Equipments available

  1. PERCIVAL - Environmental chamber
  2. Leica Binocular Macroscope
  3. Horizontal  LAMINAR FLOW
  4. BOD Incubator with RH factor
  5. PERCIVAL - Environmental chamber
  6. Hot Air Oven
  7. Electronic balance
  8. Digital pH meter
  9. Sipcon projection microscope
  10. Blue star walk-in cooling chamber
  11. Microtome
  12. Weighing Balance
  13. Heating Plate

Services / Tests carried out

Identification of key insect pests of important plantation forestry tree species.

Diagnosis and characterization of insect problems of seeds, seedlings, wood and other plant materials.

Cytological and histopathological studies relating to insects, plants and microbes.

Isolation, characterization and identification of entomopathogenic microbes (Fungi, bacteria and virus).

Bioassay of chemicals, plant derived products and biocontrol  agents against insect pests

Characterization and evaluation of  Allelochemicals with reference to  insect- plant  interactions.