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Forest Protection Division

  • Screening of Teak, Casuarina, Acacia and Albizia clones/progeny/ provenances  for the  attack of the key pest and diseases in the field was carried out and the candidates  resistant/ susceptible  categorized.
  • Insect pests problems of Acacia nilotica ssp. indica, Albizia lebbeck, Casuarina, Teak, Tamarind, Neem, Phylanthus emblica, Pongamia pinnata, Sizigium cumini Ailanthus excelsa, Aegle marmalose were studied and Integrated methods of management of the key pests worked out.  A  Pest Calendar reflecting the period and level of occurrence of  the key pests of the said tree species  has been developed.
  • Nursery and Plantation Insect pests  of fast growing native tree species such as Ailanthus excelsa, Melia dubia, Gmelina arborea,  Dalbergia sissoo, Thespesia populnea  and Bombax spp. were studied and key pests identified.
  • New invasive gall insect pest,  Leptocybe invasa  Fisher & La Salle on eucalyptus was reported
    Management of Cauarina and Teak live wood stem borers through biological control  using entomopathogenic fungi developed.
  • Seed pest problems of A. nilotica, A. lebbeck, Casuarina, and Tamarind were studied and sound seed storage practices against the major insect pests developed.
  • Important  disease problems confronted  nurseries and plantations  of Eucalyptus, Casuarina, Tamarindus, Artocarpus, Terminalia, Acacia, Bamboos and Teak  were  investigated  and suitable management strategies  worked out.
  • Species diversity of Ecto and Endo mycorrhizae fungi  in Nilgri Biosphere was studied  and reported about 20 different  ecto-mycorrhizae fungi associated with different tree species viz., Acacia mearnsii, A. melanoxylon, Eucalyptus globulus,    E. grandis, Cupressus macrocarpum, Pinus patula., Tectona grandis, Shorea robusta and Bamboos.
  • Effect of  ecto-mycorrhizae fungus for quality seedling production of Eucalyptus, Casuarina and Acacias were  tested and effective  dosage  and methods of application developed.
  • Technology for reclamation of Bauxite minespoils using beneficial microbes and suitable tree species was worked out and standardized.
  • Product developed - 'EuGalLure' - A plant volatile based lure for gall wasp management in Eucalyptus. (Patent registered)