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  • The division was formed in 2011. A Workshop on Forest Genetic Resources Management Network was organized in 2011.The roles and responsibilities of networking partners on FGR management and the prioritized species for FGR conservation were discussed in the workshop.
  • A total of  56 superior teak trees have been selected in different parts of Kerala, multiplied clonally and established  clone bank, clonal trials and vegetative multiplication garden.
  • Fifty high fruit yielding  neem trees have been selected in different parts of Tamil Nadu and established clonal trial and clone bank.
  • Sixty superior trees of Pongamia pinnata  with high fruit yielding  have been selected in different parts of Tamil Nadu and being multiplied.
  • Nine hectare of Pungam model plantation has been established in Tamil Nadu Magnesite Limited(TANMAG) land, Salem.
  • The canal teak plantations in Tamil Nadu which grows in continuous moisture condition have been evaluated for seed production, wood properties and selection of superior trees for clonal plantation. Two teak plantations have been identified for converting  into Seed Production Areas (SPA).Thirty superior trees have been selected for clonal plantation in canal areas.

Future plan

The division will assemble the germplasmsof 30 prioritized species  in the form ofseed,  clones, hybrids and provenances across the country in one place and made available to the users like forest departments, farmers and  industries, and also for tree improvement programme for augmenting the productivity. In addition National active germplasm sites and in situ germplasm conservation stands will also be developed in different States to benefit the stake holders.The Database on Forest Genetic Resources will be created and germplasm exchanged in National level and outside the country.